Pinestraw Place - FAQ

Propane cylinder, refill vs exchange?

The refill is less expense than exchange. We only charge the amount we put in the tank.


Why buy pine straw in bales, why not in bulk?

Buying pine straw in bales IS buying in bulk. If you are are buying your pine straw off the back of a truck (in a big pile), you simply don't know how much you are getting because the straw may not be packed. When our pine straw is baled, you get a consistent, packed amount in each bale. Buying in bales is THE way to insure you are getting what you paid for.

How many bales of pine straw do I need?

The answer depends. One bale of pine straw will sufficiently cover 30-40 sq ft. of bare ground to hold moisture and control the growth of weeds. So just how big is that? Well, a 7 ft diameter circle or a square that is 6 ft on a side represents the coverage of one bale of pine straw.

What if I'm covering an existing base of pine straw?

In this case, you don't need to apply the pine straw quite as thick. Coverage would be 40-50 sq ft. per bale (8 1/2 ft diameter circle or a square 7 ft on a side).

That's great, so how many bales do I need?

Try to calculate the square footage of the area to be covered. Do this by rectangles and multiply the sides together for each rectangle, then sum up all the rectangles. Divide this number by 40 and you will be close to the number of bales you need.


What is wrong with buying mulch in bags from the big box stores?

Quite simply...price. Buying mulch in bags is the most expensive way to purchase it. Depending on the size of the bag (usually 2 cu ft.), it could take 14 bags to equal one cubic yard. And with the mulch in the bag, you can't really see exactly what you are getting. Chances are that bag mulch is NOT as finely ground as our top quality mulch. Take a look at our price list and see if we don't beat the bag price. And don't forget, when you buy from us you don't have to dispose of all those empty plastic bags.

How much mulch do I need?

It comes down to how much area you have to cover. At 2 inches thick, you can cover 150 sq ft. of ground with one yard (cubic yard) of mulch. 

How much mulch can I carry in my pickup truck?

1-2 Yards


What kind of sod do you carry, and where does it come from?

Rembert, SC and Santee, SC

How do you sell sod?

You can purchase sod by the piece or pallet. By the piece sod is easy to move and easy to place. Each piece measures 16" by 24" (2.67 sq ft.). You can buy just the amount you need to fill in bare spots. A pallet contains from 450 to 500 sq ft. (depending on the grass variety which determines the thickness of the cut). If you prefer rolls, we can accommodate that if/when you pre-order.

What is the best time to buy sod?

Sod can be purchased and installed any time of the year, but best results will be achieved in late spring or early summer. In general we try to time grass delivery to our lot such that it will be available for purchase on Friday and Saturday for weekend installation. That way we can assure you the very freshest sod. It sells fast and the only way to guarantee that we will have the grass you want, when you want it, is to pre-order and pre-pay.

Can sod be delivered?

We can deliver any amount of SOD. SOD can be delivered or picked up by customer.

How should I pick up a pallet of sod?

Arrive at lot with a pick up truck or trailer. 


Where is your delivery area?

We are pleased to offer delivery anywhere within the Lexington area. Our delivery rates are based on distance, but the vast majority of our deliveries occur less than 2 miles from our store location.

What can you deliver?

We can deliver any of the products that we sell.